Solar systems to bring lower energy costs to homeowners


 Solar systems to bring lower energy costs to homeowners supporting green initiatives this spring.

With an increased focus on environmental issues, many home owners are seeking progressive energy solutions. Olympic Roofing is making it easier for homeowners to install solar systems in 2017.
Benefits of photovoltaic solar systems include:
  • Lower Your Energy Bill
    Because the home owner becomes their own energy provider, they take less energy from the grid which will vastly reduce electric bills. Often times, solar energy producers are able to feed power back into the grid and earn credits from their local utilities.
  • Energy Independence
    Homeowners do not need to rely solely on “the grid” to receive their power. The obvious advantage is that residents are not subject to unexpected price increases caused by fluctuating energy costs. Another advantage is that service is more consistent and residents are also more prepared in the event of an emergency where lines may be down or power may not be available.
  • Increase the Value of Your Home
    Solar panels are a much sought after feature in a residence. Adding this capital asset to your home and reducing annual operating costs will increase the value of your property.

The cost to install these innovative systems have become much more affordable. The size and cost of your solar installation depends on your electricity bill and energy savings goals. An Olympic Roofing solar system typically returns more than twice its cost in electricity savings over 25 years. There are attractive financing options available that allow property owners to install a system for as little as $500 and current federal and state tax credits can also reduce the cost.
There are also “no-cost” options available where our partner, Vivint Solar relapses your expensive utility company. Packages even include panels, installation and maintenance!
If a homeowner is considering “going green” in 2017, it is prudent to reach out to a professional roofing company now for an estimate as predictions indicate the demand for this service will increase in the coming seasons.